Underwater | Raleigh lifestyle portrait photographer

I HAD to try it. I kept seeing photos in my newsfeed from IN the water… and, having grown up on the beach, this seemed like the absolute best thing ever. So, I rented a “housing” – (a waterproof case) for my camera.  I carefully put my camera in the case, checked all the latches & seals and then…. threw it in the pool.  I only freaked out a little.  Once I got over the initial shock of seeing my  camera swimming, it was SO COOL.  Like, so cool to the point that I need to book many many more sessions to now be able to purchase one of these housings -because I could do this underwater thing ALL DAY.

Granted, since this was a first try for me, I was practicing on my own kids (and the neighbor kids who’s pool it is), who admittedly don’t take direction from me all that famously. So this is less of a portrait session and more of a lifestyle / documentary approach and I LOVE it.

You want this for your family.  I know you do.  Heading to the beach?  Take me. I’ll rent this housing again in a hearbeat.

Let’s go make some summertime magic!

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