Raleigh Newborn Photographer | In Home Lifestyle newborn session

Ok, we all know that I don’t do the posed newborns – but y’all…. I just ADORE lifestyle new-baby sessions.  These are different in so many ways – first they are in the family’s home – so everyone is comfy and the older siblings can play all they want when it’s not their turn to be involved.  Second, there’s no need to turn up the heat to 95 degrees, run a white noise machine or be SUPER QUIET-  because you all know me – quiet is so not my thing.  I need to be silly and playful – so I have SO MUCH FUN with these.  And, honestly, seeing the relationships and the warmth and love this new baby is being welcomed into is so important to me.

So, here’s the deal with this family. They ROCK.  That’s pretty much it. No, seriously.  This mama now has FOUR littles:  2 boys and now 2 girls and they are the absolute sweetest bunch of kiddos.  The oldest boy plays ice hockey (which automatically makes him the coolest ever) and younger brother is starting to follow in his ‘skate steps’.  Big sister is as girly (she’s a figure skater) as it gets and is simply over the moon to have her team evened-up

Thank you, S* family for spending a morning with me showing off your newest most adorable addition – we’ll see her at the rink in no time!

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