How to choose a location for your portrait / engagement / bridal session | Raleigh family & wedding photographer

So, you want to do a photo session and you want the ‘best’ location…. but with so many incredible locations in the triangle area, how do you know which one is ‘best’?

First of all – there is no ‘best’ – so it’s more important to think of it in terms of ‘best fit’ for your family and style.  There are several ways to begin to find your perfect spot – the first being – ask ME!  I have photographed in pretty much all of the usual locations in the triangle area.  From rustic old farms to manicured gardens, to urban spots – so I have a fairly good idea what’s available.

Additionally, look through my portfolio and blog and see which images speak to you.  Note what it is about the image you love – is it the colors & tones, or the big trees or the clean lines or the soft light etc etc?  Even if we don’t use the SAME location, knowing what you are drawn to will help me guide you to the right place for you.

Remember to consider where the art will hang too… will a photo of you all in a downtown / sleek environment look right hanging on your walls if you decorate in a cottage style?

Something a lot of people don’t really consider is places that might not be generally used as ‘locations’.  Do you like to go canoeing as a family – maybe we go DO THAT.  Maybe you visit the farmers market weekly for fresh ingredients – LET’S GO!  I am a *huge fan* of using locations that aren’t just pretty, but that mean something to you.  Imagine how you’ll smile when you pass by the images hanging on  your wall as you remember how it feels to BE in  your special place.  No amazing park can make you feel that.

In short, my best advice is not to ask your friends where they did their family portraits, but let’s chat about you, and what you want and need, and I will make that happen for you!


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