Meet Jennifer

Hi! I’ve written some about my story and my style below, which I encourage you to read, but since this section is ‘about me’ – I figured I’d tell you exactly that.

I have lived all over the country – from the beaches of South Florida, to Connecticut, Arizona and Oregon, before finally settling in Raleigh in 1999. I am a terrible (and I mean really terrible) cook. Which works out ok, because my husband is really good one 🙂

We have two kids, and are crazy enough to have FOUR dogs. Four, and they all want a spot on the bed. It’s cozy to say the least!

Chocolate is one of the finest things on the planet. Given a choice between life sustaining water, and chocolate, I’d choose chocolate. Every. Single. Time. Also, driving with the windows down and the stereo up is a big fave. Preferably while eating chocolate.

There’s so much, but this should give you an idea about who I am. I love to travel, to see, to taste and to experience life – and to document it every step of the way!

My Story

There are a lot of wonderful reasons why people become photographers, and every photographer has a different story to tell.  For me, it’s simple. I have always seen life in frames and I can’t imagine doing anything but this. “Oh, that would be a great shot!” comes out of my mouth a lot. I suppose photography is a part of me, like my brown hair, or my love of chocolate 🙂

I actually began studying photography when everyone still shot film (remember film?) and I learned the classic art of black and white processing and printing. There is something so powerful about making each print by hand, each result a one-of-a-kind. When I switched to digital in 2005 I brought to it my love for honesty in the images I create and a desire to create works of art you will treasure.

Always in pursuit of what is real, what is genuine, I work to capture honest moments of people, looking how they look, wearing what they wear, doing what they do and most importantly, being who they are. Those honest moments are what make up your life; they are what you will want to remember, and this is how I will photograph you and your children every time.